FutureWater, with TWIGA project partners HiView, Hydrologic and UFZ Helmholtz, have developed the farm extension service ‘MapYourCrop’. The MapYourCrop service uses drones, or flying sensors, to collect crop information with an unprecedented level of detail. What makes MapYourCrop unique is that flying sensor data is enriched with detailed crop status information collected by the smartphone app called ‘VegMon’.

After making the flying sensor crop stress maps, the VegMon app is used to zoom in to problem areas. Based on measurements, visual inspection, photographic evidence, and expert knowledge, the crop stress is identified and recorded with the app and a farm management advice is developed. The final advice is provided using the TWIGA platform. The farmer can choose to receive the advice in-person or electronically. MapYourCrop is currently tested by Mozambican drone and extension company. The company has a team of farm extension officers that are professionally trained as drone operators and have all the tools and knowledge to give advice to improve farming practices.

A video was made to highlight how MapYourCrop has been implemented, watch it here: