Last week, FutureWater joined a Dutch delegation to the El-Wadi Exhibition on climate and water smart agriculture in Upper Egypt. During the five-day mission, we presented our expertise and tools to help farmers prepare for the future.

On the first day of the mission, we visited two large agricultural sites to learn about current farming practices. On days two and three, we attended the El Wadi exhibition on climate smart agriculture. Our Dutch pavilion was frequently visited, and we had the opportunity to share our expertise with a wide audience of farmers and agricultural professionals. We showcased our use of drones and satellite data to help farmers improve their water management and crop yields.

On the last two days of the mission, we visited several farmers to discuss their challenges, such as drought, salinity, fertilization, and pests. We listened to the farmers’ concerns and provided them with information and resources to help them overcome these challenges.

Back home, we are working with several Dutch and Egyptian organizations to develop a plan to help these farmers become climate smart and prepared for the future. We are confident that our work will help to make Egyptian agriculture more sustainable and resilient in the face of climate change.

We would like to thank the Dutch Embassy in Egypt, the Netherlands-African Business Council (NABC), and Peter Prins for organizing the mission. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with these partners to help farmers in Egypt prepare for the future.

Dutch Pavilion at the El-Wadi Exhibition
Visit to agricultural sites
Field visit to farmer producing mangos and grapes
Dutch and Egyptian delegation