In June, FutureWater visited Mozambique for a training session on the Water Evaluation And Planning (WEAP) model. The training was held at the Mozambique Regional Administration of Waters in the South (ARA-Sul) based in Maputo and was funded by the Blue Deal programme of the Dutch Water Authorities.

The training on the WEAP model comprised of a general introduction, knowledge clips, practical hands-on exercises, and a refresher course on the existing Strategic Water Allocation Model (WAM-S) that FutureWater developed for ARA-Sul in 2014.

In the forthcoming months the WAM-S will be updated to align with the current socio-economic and climatic developments of the region. The updating of the model will be performed in close collaboration with ARA-Sul. The update of the WAM-S model includes the addition of a groundwater component to support decision-making regarding water extraction licensing. We would like to express our gratitude to the Blue Deal programme for enabling the training and model update.

Theoretical session on WEAP modelling
Participants of the training