Tajikistan showcased leadership in climate resilience at COP28, organizing a session titled «Are we adapting? Integrating WEFE Nexus and climate services for effective climate change adaptation» on December 6, 2023, from 13:30 to 15:00 at the Tajikistan Pavilion (B2-18) in the Blue Zone of COP28, Expo City Dubai, UAE.

This event brought together a diverse audience eager to delve into Tajikistan’s innovative strategies. The session featured distinguished participants, including H.E. Mr. Daler Juma, Minister of Energy and Water Resources of the Republic of Tajikistan; Mr. Abdullo Qurbonzoda, Director, Agency of Hydrometeorology, Committee for Environmental Protection, Republic of Tajikistan; Mr. Jamshed Shoimzoda, First Deputy Minister of Energy and Water Resources of the Republic of Tajikistan; Mr. Muzaffar Shodmonov, Deputy Director of Project Implementation, Agency of Hydrometeorology, Committee for Environmental Protection, Republic of Tajikistan; Mr. Eddie Rich, CEO, International Hydropower Association; Ms. Xiaohong Yang, Deputy Director General of Central and West Asia, Asian Development Bank; Mr. Sattor Saidov, Head of Climate Change Center, Agency of Hydrometeorology, Republic of Tajikistan; Mr. Torsten Brezina, Cluster Coordinator, Climate, Water, Energy in Central Asia, GIZ Kyrgyz Republic and Ms. Chihenyo Kangara, Regional Manager for Africa, Green Climate Fund, collectively advancing climate resilience and sustainability.

Dr. Sonu Khanal, a senior hydrologist and climate change expert, from FutureWater delivered a keynote speech presentation, highlighting the role of the cryosphere in the warming climate. The keynote emphasized the interconnectedness of water, energy, food, and the environment, showcasing Tajikistan’s innovative Water, Energy, Food, and Environment (WEFE) Nexus approach. The vulnerability of mountainous regions, often termed ‘water towers,’ to climate change was underscored, emphasizing their role in providing 60-80% of the world’s freshwater. Dr. Khanal addressed adaptation gaps, the importance of climate services, and the pivotal role of water in both adaptation and mitigation actions. The presentation also shed light on Tajikistan’s strategic use of innovative technologies and its contributions to global climate resilience efforts. Dr. Khanal also showcased FutureWater’s approach to addressing climate change impacts with their ongoing project in Tajikistan.

Keynote presentation by Sonu Khanal
Tajikistan session at COP28
Panel discussion

In the event, Tajikistan highlighted its robust Water, Energy, Food, and Environment (WEFE) Nexus approach, recognizing the interconnectedness of these sectors amid climate threats. The discussion emphasized the need for integrated strategies to address the multidimensional impacts of climate change on water, energy, food, and the environment. Tajikistan’s vulnerability, reliance on mountain water, and low precipitation levels were outlined. The role of glaciers and snowpack as vital water storage, innovative technologies, and the significance of climate-resilient hydropower were highlighted.

Importantly, the panel discussion “Incorporating climate services in cross-sectoral planning instruments and tools” and “Nexus approach and climate services for effective adaptation policy and resources mobilization” delved into the role of climate services and climate finance in addressing climate change challenges. The country’s National Determined Contribution (NDC) and future National Adaptation Plan (NAP) were praised for fostering a policy environment supporting adaptation planning and resource mobilization. For more information regarding the event, please contact Dr. Sonu Khanal at s.khanal@futurewater.nl.