Two weeks ago, Brecht D’Haeyer, a part-time PhD candidate at Utrecht University and full-time colleague at FutureWater, joined the annual EGU conference in Vienna, where he presented his PhD proposal to fellow researchers.

Brecht commenced his PhD journey in March 2024 as an external candidate at Utrecht University, under the guidance of FutureWater and Wageningen University & Research. His research focus revolves around quantifying the intricate feedback mechanisms between climate change and the Water-Energy-Food-Environment nexus in the transboundary Syr Darya Basin. The Syr Darya Basin, characterized by its dependence on snow and glacial meltwater, presents a compelling case study for understanding the complexities of water allocation, particularly in mountainous regions. Brecht’s work, situated within the WE-ACT project, funded by the European Commission, aims to shed light on these critical interdependencies.

At the EGU meeting, Brecht took the stage to present his PhD proposal in the session titled HS5.2.1: «Water resources policy and management- managing trade-offs at the nexus between water, food, energy and the environment.» His presentation provided a comprehensive overview of his research objectives and methodologies, inviting valuable insights and discussions from fellow scholars.

Reflecting on the experience, Brecht expressed gratitude for the opportunity to engage with esteemed researchers in the field of Human-Water feedback systems. The exchange of ideas and perspectives, he noted, is paramount for refining assessment frameworks and advancing our understanding of complex environmental challenges.


Brecht D’Haeyer presents his PhD proposal at the EGU