Dr. Joris Eekhout is a postdoctoral researcher at the Soil and Water Conservation Research Group of the Spanish National Research Council (CEBAS-CSIC) in Murcia (Spain). His research focusses on the impact of climate and landuse change on hydrology and soil erosion at large spatial scales. In close collaboration with FutureWater, Joris has developed a soil erosion module, which is coupled to the SPHY hydrological model.

Currently, Joris is applying the model at the Segura River Basin, a large-scale semiarid catchment in southeastern Spain. In this catchment, he studies the impact of the catchment scale implementation of sustainable land management (SLM) on hydrology and soil erosion. His other research interests are hydraulics, fluvial geomorphology and the interaction with stream ecology. These processes he studied during the period as a PhD student at Wageningen University (The Netherlands). In 2014 he successfully defended his PhD thesis with the title ‘Morphological processes in lowland streams – Implications for stream restoration’. His PhD research was set in the context of stream restoration in the Netherlands. In a research project he collaborated with ecologists and studied the interaction between ecology and hydraulics.