Rieks Bosch is a wide scoped expert in the field of Integrated Natural resource Management with specialization into its relation climate change and economic development.  After his study on the University for Applied Science ‘Van Hall Larenstein’ in The Netherlands, with 3 Bachelor degrees in Agriculture, Ecology and Environmental Management, he widened his scope in the direction of Business Administration, Information management, Water resource management, Forestry, Climate change assessment and adaptation, Disaster Risk Management, Financing, Remote Sensing and others.

He stood at the birth of Nature based Solution in the 90ties as coordinator natural development of the Dutch Coast. He covers a wide range of sector from water resource management, agriculture and rural development to energy, disaster risk management, nature protection. He is excellent in intersectoral cooperation and bringing conflicting interest together by creating win-win situation, covering international strategy, national policy as well as practical implementation in the field. He has experience as team leader and expert, managing over 80 staff multi-country and multi-sectoral expert team, for a large range of international organisations, including, EU, WB, ADB, GIZ, KfW, AFD and others.

He geographical experience covers more than 48 counties in Eastern Europe, Asia and Australasia, Africa and South America. He is fluent in English (and Dutch), and highly conversant in Russian and German, He is based in The Netherlands, when not on mission elsewhere in the world.