The rural areas of Mauritius are increasingly subject to flooding problems due to the rapid developments that took place over the last decades. In recent times, the problem has become so acute in some areas resulting in fatal accidents and damages to households. The government has intervened by taking some ad-hoc measures to relieve the problem but no long term sustainable schemes have been developed taking the overall watershed area into consideration.

FutureWater explores options to reduce peak flows by effectively managing the upstream areas where in fact the source of the flooding is located. The focus is on looking at international experiences and potential translations into the Mauritius case. The objective is to evaluate evidence, methods and possible mitigation measures for flood control by targeting the source areas where the agricultural runoff originates.

This work takes place as part of the project called “Consultancy Services for Land Drainage and Watershed Management” commissioned by the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, the National Development Unit (NDU) – Land Transport and Shipping, Mauritius. The project is led by the Z&A P. Antonaropoulos And Associates S.A., Athens, Greece and includes topographical surveys and field reconnaissance and engineering studies that are separated in a feasibility study, the preliminary design and the detailed design with preparation of tender documents.