Uzbekistan is upgrading and further developing its domestic water supply system in the western part of the country (Republic of Karakalpakstan). Tthe water supply system must be full climate proof in design and operations. The Green Climate Fund (through the Asian Development Bank) will be asked to finance the climate adaptation parts of the project. FutureWater is supporting the development of this proposal to GCF.

The Republic of Karakalpakstan, in western Uzbekistan is primarily arid desert. Water resources suitable for drinking water are limited and in decline due a combination of human-driven factors and on-going long-term climate changes. Historically, the water resources included the Aral Sea, however due to excessive water extraction from the Amu Darya and the Syr Darya rivers, its surface area had shrunk by 90%. Climate change is projected to decline water resources in the coming decades due to receding glaciers in the upstream areas of Tajikistan, and higher demands upstream by a combined effect of changing rainfall patterns and increased evaporation by higher temperatures.

Much of the water supply infrastructure has deteriorated and requires rehabilitation. Services are unreliable, leakage losses reportedly high, and raw water quality is a mounting concern. Relatively high per-capita system costs coupled with low affordability levels constrain investment and inhibit delivery. Some consumers only receive water supplies for two hours per day.

Therefore, modernization and development of the water supply is highly needed. FutureWater was requested to do an analysis of the impact of climate change on the proposed project by undertaking a Climate Risk and Vulnerability Assessment. The project will lead to an all-inclusive climate resilience approach towards design, operations, communication, and future strategy. Financial support of the Green Climate Fund will be sought.

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    Climate Risk and Vulnerability Assessment for Western Uzbekistan Water Supply

    Droogers, P., A.F. Lutz, J.E. Hunink