Dr. Devaraj de Condappa has a PhD in hydrology from University Joseph Fourier, France. He accumulates professional experience since 2001 in the fields of IWRM, water resources planning and allocation, hydrology, climate change analysis, as well as related training and capacity building. He has strong water resources management modelling skills (WEAP, SWAT) including hydro-economics, GIS skills (ESRI, GRASS, QGIS) as well as context and scenario analysis skills.

He has large expertise in engaging with stakeholders and conducting field works. Devaraj is very familiar with IWRM planning by looking at the water resources (surface and groundwater) as a whole, by integrating all the concerned water sectors (e.g., agriculture, water supply and waste water, environmental flow, watershed management, floods), by preparing river basin investment plans and by setting the M&E framework. He is has scientific knowledge of the surface water (hydrology), groundwater (hydrogeology) physical processes and climate change scenarios (e.g., IPCC reports, ensemble analysis). He geographical experience covers more than 20 counties in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. He is fluent in English and French, and is based in India.

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